100 Days of Winter

23 Dec

It is a widely known stereotype that Finns love to talk about the weather and with good reason! The winter lasts for about 100 days in the Southern part of the country and the winter season is doubled in the northern part of Finland, Lapland.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute reported that November brought record-breaking temperatures around -20 ° C in some parts of the country. Earlier this month, an astonishing 43 cm of snow covered the ground at the Helsinki Vantaa Airport according to a recent article in the Helsinki Times. (43 cm = about 17 inches!)

Temperatures here have stayed consistently below freezing and it continues to snow, snow, snow! My favorite part of this frozen landscape I currently call home are these mammoth drifts of snow lining the streets and these rather precarious looking icicles.


One Response to “100 Days of Winter”

  1. Philip M. Edwards May 6, 2011 at 12:51 am #

    Hi Jacquelyn,

    Enjoying the winter pictures. Recall winters in both Alaska and Wisconsin, however, Florida during this season is nice and a good place for a winter home.

    Looking forward to future post,,,


    Phil Edwards

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