Futuro House

5 Dec


Ever dreamed of living in a UFO?

Finnish architect Matti Suuronen of Oy Polykem Ab designed the Futuro Home in 1968. The design is evidence of post-war Finland’s interest in space-travel. It’s worth noting that Eero Aarnio’s infamous ball chair (image below) predates the Futuro House by a few years and shares a similar aesthetic.


Allegedly, the Futuro House can accommodate eight people in its fully furnished interior though it is only approximately 13 feet high and 26 feet in diameter. A total of 96 fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic Futuro Houses were built, 48 of these house were in Finland. These houses were originally intended to be something like a vacation home. Now, these houses are a novelty among people like me who love the optimism in futuristic designs of the late 60s and early 70s.

The website futuro-house.net is devoted to fans of the house. You can post pictures of your Futuro House here and get in touch with other Futuro House owners.

There is also a documentary on the subject: Futuro – A New Stance For Tomorrow (1998), by the Finnish film maker Mika Taanila.


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